Headed Back to the Hospital

Headed Back to the Hospital

Nora is headed back to the hospital tomorrow for an overnight Video EEG.

Over the past week, she’s had trouble sleeping and been making some fairly odd noises. Worried that she’s having some sort of seizure, we emailed her neurologist who recommended we come in for a definitive test.

Because of Nora’s cortical dysplasia, seizures can show up in different ways at any time. Until she’s capable of communicating with us about what she’s feeling, we’ll have to do tests to get answers.

We’re reeling a bit from this one. Even with twice-per-day anti-epileptic medication, it’s easy to forget about the negative possibilities. Going back to the hospital is just a reminder that we’re still figuring out our normal.

When we got the results of Nora’s MRI during the intitial hospital visit, one of the neurologists simply said, “We’re going to be in your life.” Indeed.