One Week

One Week

One week ago we went into the ER with Nora. Since then, it feels like we’ve been punched in the face over and over again with tests, possibilities, medicine, and more tests. Tears and crankiness abound, and that’s just fine.

Today Nora had another good day; one subtle episode around 10:30 that didn’t seem to bother her at all.

We have an appointment with pediatric neurology at Duke next Thursday and feel good that we successfully navigated the bureaucracy at both Duke and UNC to avoid what could have been Nora’s third EEG at Duke.

Electronic medical records to the rescue? No. Instead, I will drive to UNC, pick up a DVD, make a copy, and then drive it to Duke. I would drive to North Dakota to pick it up to avoid another EEG while Nora is on steroids.

And, yes, those are Christmas pajamas. The burden of a being the little sister born on the opposite side of the calendar from her big sister. All of Zoe’s first bathing suits should fit Nora by December.